The only Candidate to attempt to aid injured workers did not win the primary California. I sincerely hope that Bernie Sanders uses his will to keep on going to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

Upon going to vote yesterday I was stunned that I was the only person voting and no one else. Was this lonely experience for the first time a result of the day before when the established news media decided to state that Hillary Clinton already won?

I don’t claim to know this but the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t stop the declaration by the news media all the more confirmed why I did not vote for her. There is a different feeling about this election and I believe that this is more about electing the first woman president by the Democratic Party than it is about substance on issues that Bernie has brought up for the betterment of the working class of Americans.

I only want what is best for this country not because of a gender based election.

Bernie Sanders was the only one to bring issues concerning injured workers and how it also affects Social Security. I wrote to Hillary’s campaign several times about what she would do for the huge injustices done to injured & disabled workers. As with asking Trump the same  questions, Bernie was the only who brought it up with a letter to Congress to the DOL., the Federal Department of Labor that has done the poorest of a job for the working class for too many decades while allowing other federal departments to pick up the tab, paid for by us, the tax payers, injured workers, citizens, workers.

I am disappointed with the whole election process that the super delegates who are being used as a catalyst to make it look like Hillary had already won the democratic  campaign. So Senator Bernie Sanders, don’t give up and Hillary, you lost me as a voter because you were not ethical enough to put a stop to the skunking the media did to Bernie all the way up to yesterday’s primary in CA. and the rest of our country.

Because if you aren’t ethical enough and win on your own laurels of your service to this country, then how can I possibly believe you will be ethical enough to be president? To be trusted in saying you will do for this country what is needed or the decisions you make will be for the people?

Yes I too think like Bernie that you are the establishment and it is not about being a woman running for the first time, it is more  about taking millions from scurrilous corporations that caused the downfall of our country and its citizens. I cannot trust anyone who had her own private internet server and then lied about it to the top law enforcement of the U.S.A.

Ethics, morals, principles, values are the basis of any democratic government. Without this basis, our country is then corrupt and why people are believing that this country has been rigged AND it has judging on the facts that so many of us have been disenfranchised, all for corporate profit and  continued corporate ownership of our country.

I think you Hillary should bow out, save face and let someone like Bernie Sanders be the democratic nominee who has a solid reputation for being for the good of this country and it’s people. I would hate to think that this country is so corrupt that established elites like yourself can get away with no accountability regardless of your gender.

There are many my age and gender ( about the same as yours) who have been around who feel the same way and who say pretty much the same about you. Remember, that you were an attorney so we know too that attorneys know how to skirt around the laws, skirt around issues and  will say anything to get what they want and for you that is to get elected at any price.

So, for Senator Bernie Sanders, I know too that you will have the will to continue on the fact you are an honest, ethical and caring candidate who gives his best  for the people of this country and you have proven that already with years of  your record of service.

Do not give up, we need you more than ever before. We do not need any more empty promises. We need action, real action for the working class, for those who have been robbed of everything they worked for and ended up like the last generation but we who made this country the best and the richest and certainly not for the corporations,  even  the established corporate news media, that are afraid that they might be held to account and pay their fair share for the first time in over 40 years.

WE have been forced by the establishment called the Democrat and Republican party, to give up too,  everything, without any regard for our hard work. We as American citizens have been betrayed with losing everything, including our health, our strong bodies, our ability to give opportunities to our children so that they would have it better than us.

We as injured workers and workers are treated like peons, like we do not count as American citizens  with the loss of the American Dream and it was not always this way because I remember otherwise as do millions of others. This is what the people talk about all over this country.

The lack of respect and dignity shows with everything falling apart in this country including its people.

You are truly our only hope for the people of this  country  and in that we need to be repaired, respected and given true dignity . What a concept. what a great way for a true democracy to be run.