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Today is June 7th, 2016, A day to be remembered by all of in this country for the main reason why it is that we need to do what is right  for  each other as Americans as what was done by our soldiers in Normandy France to save Europeans from the Nazi Fascists. You may ask why, well it is to let you know that much of what is going on in our country speaks of the  the FASCISM tactics that has been undermining our country and us as Americans for over 4 decades.

Today is also voting day in California and many other states. We get to enjoy electing those who we think will do the best for us as a people and what is best for our country. Everyone needs to remember that those who died in Normandy helped fight for freedoms like being to get out and vote. Why we should vote is to make sure that those who running for office aren’t running for those who already have money but for us to have more equitable wages and opportunity as what has been started after WWII.

There was this agenda by the the rich who are cloaked in many organizations that are doing everything they can to not pay decent wages but to drive the wages down and instead of others in other countries making as much as us, because most of the other country wages are so low, it is to have us American Workers work for less and less every year.We are being treated less and less like Americans with workers rights as we are being treated similar to labor laws brought in by FDR, Eisenhower, JFK.

We have now on the end of the grand Bargain where we don’t work extra long hours but now we do. Working as many as 3 jobs that take up a lot more than just 8 hours a day, paying minimum wage with no time off for being ill, having children, sick children or even being sick yourself. Vacation is almost nil because that isn’t being offered either. There was a time not that long ago, that employees worked 37 & 1/2 hours, with paid health care, pensions/retirement and with automatic wages. Thanks to people from ALEC, Chamber of Commerce and  whole host of corporate non profit organizations, they have managed to take away everything we worked for for over 4 decades. What they left us with is our SSA & Medicare. The agencies we paid into by law. Now the tea party wants to eviscerate SSA/Medicare by privatizing these two agencies we paid for. What that means is these two agencies will be operated by fund managers so Wall st. and the market can play with our money until just like what happened in 2008 crash or even in the past the Wall St Crash of the 20’s and resulting in food lines because of little to no jobs. This is what the tea arty people born out of the Ayn Rand that everything should be on Wall St.for profit for just s few to capitalize on. This is not only like betting on the horses but it  is so scary because the average stock holder like you and me won’t be receiving any more monthly benefits where we today still only receive the minimum.

As it is, our government has been privatized already but most people have no idea that this has happened and why we cannot get accountability from our government officials. We can thank the tea Party as well as the business corporate Democrats. In other words there really is not much difference bewteen the two

When I was 18, it was to be my privilege to be able to vote and I did. I voted democrat most of my life until 2008 where I became a Peace and Freedom party member. I changed back again just prior to 5/23/2016 so I could vote for the only presidential candidate for the people of our country and that person is Senator Bernie Sanders. Both Parties basically said that what Bernie Sanders wanted was socialism but what he wants is for  we already had. Imagine not paying for school, medicine, sports  and other activities. Yes, that is right. We had those things for free.  Back in the 50 and 60’s into the  70’s, the corporate owners paid about 71 & plus to pay for those who were not millionaires.

Groups like the Federalist’s Society and the Confederate’s Society conjoined to undermine everything what FDR, TRUMAN & JFK put into place. for those of us who had so little, to help us with opportunity to make our lives better than our parents who worked at jobs most elites would thumb their noses at. Real jobs in factories where people either sweated or froze for longer than 8 hours. Our parents who worked hard, who sacrificed in going into WWII to give us what we were able to enjoy until the elite decided we were unworthy, we we not equal and we certainly were not entitled to anything we did work for. That the American Dream was gutted with the taking of our high paying jobs, our working skills that are far superior in today’s professions plus the taking away for what we already worked for, like our health care and pension retirements. More about that later.


American workers are now at an all time low for wages and benefits since the Depression in the 1920’s when there were food lines and those at the top of what was called the Gilded GOLDEN AGE, in comparison to what a dollar could buy. What Americans should be being paid is at least 25.00 dollars an hour for what is needed to exist in one of the richest country’s in the world.. The Gilded Age was the last time the super rich were far fewer than the multitude of Americans were with out jobs and starving until the last 20 years years. Yes, the % of working people are down but yet we have many people who are homeless and those that dropped off of the labor rolls.


The reason for this blog is educate as many people as possible as to why injuring workers were one of the first ideas to deprive Americans out of jobs and wages and that they also sustained life long injuries too, along with taking all of their other benefits like health care and pensions. Most of the American public are totally unaware of the amount of injured workers out there because the media & legislators have been ignoring our plight. Why? Well it appears that the establishment called the Democrats and Republicans both are pro-business. What that means is what ever corporations want, the established politicians have given corporations what they have wanted. Corporations enjoy paying little to no taxes,   have paid out little to no pensions or retirements or health car benefits and little to no worker compensation benefits for those  injured  or made ill on the job or  those getting killed on the job, little to no social security benefits when an employee is no longer able to work where the injured workers is destined for poverty and living in destitution.

In the 60’s we were promised jobs that did not require going to school because businesses then were more than willing to train an employee and for what that is worth, most entry level jobs don’t require going to school, but that is yet another way that the American people are getting fooled, that everyone needs to pay astronomical amounts of money that can be learned in a few weeks. These schools that charged so much went on the Wall St, Market so other people on top could invest on the money the poor were willing to pay to just try and learn something of substance  move up onto the corporate ladder.

But that was also was a giant scam by many who claim to call themselves a learning school with degrees that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.. Most students didn’t go any further or find a better paying job at all. They just got to spend money on a school claiming to help increase one’s knowledge and it was all just another scam put upon them to make another millionaire. Years ago, anybody who would run a school like that would end up in jail, but today no, it’s all okay to fool many people who spend all what they have, all out of their money and then get away with it.It makes a bubble gum wrapper more authentic in what it claims.

I initially worked in accounting for many years, learning to move ahead and I did. What I didn’t do was challenge  for  the CPA license. Instead I decided to get trained in the medical field and I did. Being in the medical field is special in the fact you are there to help people, no matter how small of an action, you help people. What I learned here in Sacramento was that things are definitely different than where I grew up and worked.

Racism, sex discrimination and harassment was and are everyday workplace happenings. So is the idea of not paying workers what they worth.This was in the state of CA AND IN A HMO that claims to be #1 and covers over 800,00 patients, has it’s own pharmaceutical formulary and many other businesses out side of the medical community. Just imagine working in a hospital or clinical setting where the management comprised of male doctors who allow these type of actions. Then imagine that this is also a medical setting with multiple worker suicides and a workplace murder and no one doing anything about these tragic and horrible acts.

Now most people only think of workers compensation as one who files after getting hurt or ill or dying on the job and that those who do file for workers compensation are nothing more than liars and frauds. A whole new industry was built in over 30 years on the fact that injuring workers actually became a way for earning profits. The insurance industry has grown beyond anyone’s expectations with just the fact that there are  hard working Americans who were designed to get hurt or ill or die to only benefit employers, insurers, attorneys, doctors, states, state employees, commissions, boards,insurance employees, District Attorneys, police enforcers including all levels of law enforcement and even many newly trained private investigators. But most Americans do not know that eventually they will become a product so that many others can earn a living. While these injured try to survive their injury that will render them unable to work, totally disabled and totally financially ruined. Losing everything they worked for all of their lives while the above insurance related employees will work throughout their lives until their retirement.

This is the tradeoff when one files a workers compensation claim for an injury that the employer knowingly caused or was outright careless in the health and  safety of its own workers. The insurance industry with employers have created the circumstances for workers to hurt or ill and no one in the industry has a clue as to how to put a stop to the maiming, harm and illness permeated in the workplace.

Why? It is because the insurance folks have a job to do. It is their job to increase their money while injured workers lose theirs. No one in the industry wants to really help the injured workers because it all too profitable for everyone but the injured workers. Workers compensation has become a meat market for profit and injured workers are the choice that insurance companies with employers have chosen to profit from.

Imagine that when a worker who files a claim, that it is worth 6 million dollars and that the injured will receive next to nothing but the others I mention above will use up much of the 6 million. If any injured worker files more than one claim then add another 6 million dollars. When you add up the amount of workers injured every year in this country, in the millions,  then add them up for each year for 30 years, then the amount of claims with  the attached per 6 millions is staggering and mind boggling.

How did this happen? You can count on employers who’s attorneys hatched this diabolical scheme along with legislators who most are attorneys too. It’s an attorneys dream to help employers profit as much as any employer can for the good of their investors which is often themselves, the CEO, COO, CFO, VP’S, & their board members and of course the corporate attorneys themselves. This is where the federalist came in, those that are made up of over 40,000 attorneys who are also judges in all levels of law all the way up until the U.S.Supreme Court, where 4 of the federalist conservatives still sit .

They are shy one tea party federalist conservative, the one late Anthony Scalia who was in Chicago, Ill., in the latter 60’s who was in the one developing the legalese devils who were to turn on the American people and their constitutions and destroy what was all right and just. They did not like the fact that the American people wanted more in life, you know, like the ability to work in a safe and healthy place and for decent wages. The federalist thought of themselves as a certain elite who only deserve a better life and what has turned into a much much better life for themselves and as some of these attorneys would scribe to, that  is was their children that had to go to college. So, what  about our children, those who we wanted more for in life,That is what life is all about, making it better for the next generation. This is part of the working fabric that we grew up to believe,  belief in the American Dream that we were promised and as most civilized societies grow upon.

In workers compensation, the insidiousness was intricate and immense and perhaps the most perniciously evil, that there would be those who made the decisions to undercut, undermine and ruin those who worked hard with pride, those that took away the dignity & respect all to make billions of dollars for themselves. Since no one knew about worker’s compensation this would become the one sure proof way that would take years to uncover and by that time , many millions would lose everything, never go back to work again and their families along with them would suffer. Workers compensation was brought about in the latter 80;s but employers like Kaiser went after their older, female, minority workers in the early 90’s not too long  after the 1986 strike, those who worked from the time they were in their early twenties promising then the best working conditions, along with great pay & health and retirement pensions promising them everything to about the time they worked 20 or so years and turning 40.. Unions affiliated with Kaiser espoused the same  working conditions and promises and why workers were willing to pay their union dues.

What started to unravel for these employees were because of abusive predatory management that were trained on just how to get rid of workers. How to make their lives so miserable in the job that kaiser passed out worker compensation forms like passing out boxes of candy. Many of these employees were prescribed by their kaiser doctors, anti-depressants, pain killers, antipsychotic’s, sleeping pills and tranquilizer’s. it was not uncommon that employees would be on 4 or 5 of these medicines all at one time. Then Kaiser decided to give these same medicated workers more work with less employees to do the jobs. It was not unusual for employees to walk around like zombies who were scared out of their wits and not knowing why. They were scared too that supervisors were always calling them in to critique their work. These are employees who were the top notch of the skilled workers of their time. SO, why did this happen. It was all because workers compensation would be able to get rid of the higher paid workers for lesser paid. and it would provide unlimited amounts of hidden money in an unprecedented way. Then the corporations could hire untrained people from other countries at a much lesser wage and no benefits. The whole country business es work that way. Who cares about the best, those that do their job well that provide the best product, the best goods. It doesn’t matter matter because injuring workers is a highly profitable investment.

Imagine making money by firing workers who could no longer perform because of debilitating work loads and conditions and then robbing them of the ability to ever work again and ending up in the poor house along with their children who would lose their opportunities to go to college to make it better for their children, the next generation. What the framers of this country had in mind would make them roll over in their graves as to what was happening with the future workers who helped make this country number 1.

That all of  their efforts to make it better as a union, was being taken apart in modern times. That workers were just going to be  treated no better than slaves before them prior to 1865. That workers were not going to  be treated less than anyone else by lawyers and corporations that intentionally were going to shred the U.S.Constitution. Workers compensation became the workers nemesis only by design by employers and the lawyers who decided that it was them who get the best while workers only get the scraps in life even though it is the workers who made the country work. Politicians at every level helped this along as did unions who claimed an injustice to one was an injustice to all.  Politicians of both parties that undersold and undercut all American workers every way possible.

Through the years since 1989, injured workers and their advocates went to legislative hearings, to the legislators themselves, to state and federal agencies, to boards, commissions about the abuses of workers compensation and can you believe that NOT ONE of them in any state(there are 50 of them) came to injured workers assistance. Why well there is just too much money to be made off of insured workers via campaign contributions, back door deals, bribes, extortion, whatever criminal ways there are for conflicts of interests to happen they do occur at a regular pace.

Corruption & fraud are the essence of a system to work correctly because if the money isn’t going to the injured workers for their injuries, illnesses or deaths, then where does it all go? Well as I’ve mentioned above all the players who will get their ugly share of the claims and the interest and investments the unpaid claims money  Defense attorneys are paid directly out of the claim. The longer the litigation,  the more they can charge out f the insured workers claims. Defense attorneys are a particular nasty lot. They malign and lie about injured workers all the way into the high courts and the judges at all levels will always side with the corporations.

The doctors that are hired  by the insured and licensed by  state are paid out of the claims of the injured worker. It is no mistake that the medical examiners will lie upon lie just to get paid directly out of the claim.They are what used to be called, company doctors who bear little resemblance to a real doctor of any specialty.  the reports are all boiler plated with only two choices to choose from. One is ortho paedic and the other is psyche evaluations even though they really don’t do real evaluations for the injuries and certainly not for any thing else like being exposed to toxins or cardiovascular problems. None of them ever ask “what happened to you on the job” or ask you to describe how you got hurt or sick. That’s the fraud of doctors reports too. They are there only to discredit you and say it’s all in your head or that it was caused from something that happened to you when you were a child.

These reports pretty much read the same. Just imagine that that there are so many injured workers, millions of them and the reports all read the same and that the injured workers are all the same. Liars and Frauds.Not one defense attorney,  insured evaluating doctor or insurance adjuster or anyone else associated with the insurers like the employers too are ever frauds and liars. That is a rather stunning phenomenon. It always others but never them. The same happens in the Social Security Administration  BUT the SSA is also an insurance company so they too can never be found of fraud, lying, stealing or any type of corruption.

They, the doctors too will malign the injured worker as well as dismiss their injuries, illnesses or deaths caused by the employer, that’s their job. It is truly amazing where many of these so called doctors come from, and that would be the military and ex-military doctors who are looking for an extra income and all they have to do is write false reports to deny the injured worker their compensation but hey, it saves the insurer from having to pay out what they owe to the injured worker. By the time anyone injured worker is done seeing multiple medical examiners, there’ s plenty of money out of that claim paid to them and  VOILA, there aren’t any injuries! After many years of going to insurance doctors despite what your own doctor states according to penalty of perjury, the medical evaluator’s are always right in their assessment of your injuries illnesses or deaths even though they are paid for out of your insurance claim..

We as injured workers are just crazy, liars, frauds and sluts and malingerers.

Why would  a worker want to be injured in pain, sick and then be assailed , called names, for years, without medical care be happy with just about 8 or 9 hundred a month  to raise their family rather than just want to work for what the wages they had prior to the injury? Who in their right mind would want so much less than and then suffer physically for the rest of their lives.Is this what the worker had in mind, to just give up everything including all of the benefits they worked for and that is yet another question, whatever happened to the in lieu of benefits The par that was promised when they first started working. The lifetime health benefits,  their pensions or their retirement package. This was yet another tentacle of money the employer wanted for itself, the in lieu of benefits. We as injured workers worked for that, not for the employer to just steal away while they drummed up a way to steal the benefits by injuring us and just putting us on medications to alter our behaviour where we could not think , that we were also in too much pain to do what we could to save our jobs, our future.

Then comes the time when the injured worker attorney will tell you you can apply for social security and Medicare after 2 years of being hurt on the job.This was the fix of course to give us something, better than nothing. Little did we know that between the congress, the AFL-CIO, judges, attorneys, the insurers for the employers had it all rigged. In 1987, the AFL-CIO help broker the deal where injured workers and their families would get a little something called SSDI. It was a small amount in comparison to what the employer would have to pay out. Our union contracts said hey, you can apply for SSDI after being disabled for two years and only then could you get SSA & Medicare.

Only the SSA for employers went another step further to lower that amount saving the employers from paying out of the FICA amount they would have to pay. The employers would  also scam the taxpayers of each state where we would get SSI NOT SSDI. A very clever plan to steal from those in the states.






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Yesterday’s California Election.

The only Candidate to attempt to aid injured workers did not win the primary California. I sincerely hope that Bernie Sanders uses his will to keep on going to the Democratic Convention in Philadel…

Source: Yesterday’s California Election.

Yesterday’s California Election.

The only Candidate to attempt to aid injured workers did not win the primary California. I sincerely hope that Bernie Sanders uses his will to keep on going to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

Upon going to vote yesterday I was stunned that I was the only person voting and no one else. Was this lonely experience for the first time a result of the day before when the established news media decided to state that Hillary Clinton already won?

I don’t claim to know this but the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t stop the declaration by the news media all the more confirmed why I did not vote for her. There is a different feeling about this election and I believe that this is more about electing the first woman president by the Democratic Party than it is about substance on issues that Bernie has brought up for the betterment of the working class of Americans.

I only want what is best for this country not because of a gender based election.

Bernie Sanders was the only one to bring issues concerning injured workers and how it also affects Social Security. I wrote to Hillary’s campaign several times about what she would do for the huge injustices done to injured & disabled workers. As with asking Trump the same  questions, Bernie was the only who brought it up with a letter to Congress to the DOL., the Federal Department of Labor that has done the poorest of a job for the working class for too many decades while allowing other federal departments to pick up the tab, paid for by us, the tax payers, injured workers, citizens, workers.

I am disappointed with the whole election process that the super delegates who are being used as a catalyst to make it look like Hillary had already won the democratic  campaign. So Senator Bernie Sanders, don’t give up and Hillary, you lost me as a voter because you were not ethical enough to put a stop to the skunking the media did to Bernie all the way up to yesterday’s primary in CA. and the rest of our country.

Because if you aren’t ethical enough and win on your own laurels of your service to this country, then how can I possibly believe you will be ethical enough to be president? To be trusted in saying you will do for this country what is needed or the decisions you make will be for the people?

Yes I too think like Bernie that you are the establishment and it is not about being a woman running for the first time, it is more  about taking millions from scurrilous corporations that caused the downfall of our country and its citizens. I cannot trust anyone who had her own private internet server and then lied about it to the top law enforcement of the U.S.A.

Ethics, morals, principles, values are the basis of any democratic government. Without this basis, our country is then corrupt and why people are believing that this country has been rigged AND it has judging on the facts that so many of us have been disenfranchised, all for corporate profit and  continued corporate ownership of our country.

I think you Hillary should bow out, save face and let someone like Bernie Sanders be the democratic nominee who has a solid reputation for being for the good of this country and it’s people. I would hate to think that this country is so corrupt that established elites like yourself can get away with no accountability regardless of your gender.

There are many my age and gender ( about the same as yours) who have been around who feel the same way and who say pretty much the same about you. Remember, that you were an attorney so we know too that attorneys know how to skirt around the laws, skirt around issues and  will say anything to get what they want and for you that is to get elected at any price.

So, for Senator Bernie Sanders, I know too that you will have the will to continue on the fact you are an honest, ethical and caring candidate who gives his best  for the people of this country and you have proven that already with years of  your record of service.

Do not give up, we need you more than ever before. We do not need any more empty promises. We need action, real action for the working class, for those who have been robbed of everything they worked for and ended up like the last generation but we who made this country the best and the richest and certainly not for the corporations,  even  the established corporate news media, that are afraid that they might be held to account and pay their fair share for the first time in over 40 years.

WE have been forced by the establishment called the Democrat and Republican party, to give up too,  everything, without any regard for our hard work. We as American citizens have been betrayed with losing everything, including our health, our strong bodies, our ability to give opportunities to our children so that they would have it better than us.

We as injured workers and workers are treated like peons, like we do not count as American citizens  with the loss of the American Dream and it was not always this way because I remember otherwise as do millions of others. This is what the people talk about all over this country.

The lack of respect and dignity shows with everything falling apart in this country including its people.

You are truly our only hope for the people of this  country  and in that we need to be repaired, respected and given true dignity . What a concept. what a great way for a true democracy to be run.



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